Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend - Part One

On Saturday...

We ate McDonald's
We smiled

We went grocery shopping

We colored with chalk

We cleaned up our messes

We played with dolls

We were silly

We ate steak

We played with trains

We took a break for orange juice

My mom bought a tractor for $28.00 and I gave her $100.00 back in change... I gave her a good bargain!

We posed for pictures but refused to smile

We climbed mountains

We colored pictures

We played in the snow

We played dress-up

We played puzzles

We used our imagination

We washed walls

We played play-dough

We went up and we went down

We got in trouble and cried... and we got hurt and didn't cry

We played basketball and we played ping-pong

We read stories and learned our ABC's

We went down slides

We played with legos and with blocks
We played peek a boo

We also sang songs and instruments

and after a long day of fun and play... we came home and the we were still active and ready to play some more! Wish my mom had the energy we do cause for some reason all she wanted to do was sleep!

P.S. The reason our brother Jacob was MIA... was because he was skiing with his uncle so he was not in any pictures... we missed him for maybe a minute... but by the time we got to Rafiki play area... we were not worried anymore and wanted to go go go!


Taylor said...

In other words you were very busy but loving it lol! What a great place to play. Love all of the pictures and seeing them play through your point of view!

Rachael said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Lindsey Rowland said...

AWW looks like they had a blast. Wish we had a play center like that around here.

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