Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend - Part Three - Sunday

The kids woke up to their Easter Baskets

Ryan was showing off his new Bronco's hat he got in his Easter Basket! Sorry for lack of clothes... my boys sleep in there underwear! Does anyone elses boys to the same thing?

Aunt Courtnee stopped by for a moment to show us her new pet bunny

Here is my nephew Zach eating away at his waffles!

Madison LOVES puzzles. She is so smart too. She can do puzzles all day. She put this 48 piece puzzle together by herself. She was happy to sit on it and pose for me for a treat.

I love this photo! Everyone is smiling. I need to take more grandpa photos with the kids. They just love him! They look forward to his weekly visits. They climb on him, read stories with him. It is so fun to see them with him.

The kids found these beautiful flowers growing in our backyard... and my sweet little Jacob put them in a shot glass vase and brought them to me for Easter. They were my gift the kids.

Then we headed to Aunt Jenny's house for dinner and an egg hunt. Here is a picture of my beauitful niece Mckynlee

Kylie was running from me! LOL! She didn't want a picture... little brat princess! :D

Here is Kaden just sleeping away! Already 11 lbs!

Madison found her place in life... underneath a kitchen table with a book! LOL! Goofy kid

Time to eat my turkey! Madison had to eat with this baseball... and she protected it with every bite she took!

Here is the little princess table

This is the way we eat! Totally Flinstoning it!

Uh-Oh! Accidents happen... Kylie found nail polish and spilled it all over her brand new Easter Dress.... mommy had to change her! Notice the different dress. But now it is also time for the Egg Hunt.

Good ol egg in the mail box... I bet the mailman wish he worked on Easter Sunday's!

Candy on the car roof... isn't that a little predjudice against short people... I couldn't have reached that one!

Ooooh! Whats up there? If there is only one who gets it?

So proud of his eggs he collected

Taking time for a quick smile.... she has better things to do like find chocolate!

Ryan was multi tasking... for every egg he found he ate a new piece of candy

After the egg hunt I come in and find this! Daddy found a moment to rest.

and the end result after combing my kids baskets. My kids know that everything they find is equally shared cause I am a mean mommy.


Taylor said...

So many wonderful shots of the family. I raelly love the one of Madison under the table.

Life with Kaishon said...

Everyone looks so happy : ) I love it. Especially Granpa! What a great smile. I could feel the love!

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