Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend - Part Two- I Heart Faces Stories in Dessert

So this is actually going to be mainly all the delicious foods and desserts from Easter. We made so many fun desserts for Easter. I organized crafts and Easter desserts with my nieces and nephews over Spring Break. It was so fun.... a little chaotic with all the kids.... but we all had fun doing it! So here is the end result. Our last Easter post will be tomorrow!

Easter Breakfast for the kids was pastel colored waffles with strawberry syrup and whip cream

I also made 3 different kind of quiches and surprisingly they were actually edible! LOL! Jack actually ate my food and he is the chef in our family... in fact, he went back for seconds... which means he really liked my food. Normally Jack won't eat! It made my morning! I spent a lot of time putting this together because Jack would be my biggest critic and I wanted to impress him! :D He and Laury are always so gracious to our family I wanted to do something special for him. He asked me to make quiche and I happily complied... even though I had never really made one before.

These were called Humming Bird Nests. They were so easy to make. Melted chocolate and then mix in coconut. Drip a heaping spoonful on wax paper and then push down the center and place in Robin Eggs! And they are delicious!!!

The kids all made sugar cookies and got to cut them out of the dough and then icing them. They had so much fun!!

The good ol Easter Basket Cupcakes! I love these. They are so pretty when they are done!

This may not be dessert... but it was dessert for me!! Here is my 27lb turkey I made! So excited for leftover turkey sandwiches!

All the Easter Eggs there Aunt Jenny helped the kids make! She is such a good Auntie for putting this together!

Last but not least here are the Easter Eggs I am bringing over to Jenny's house for our Egg Hunt. We decorated all of the plastic eggs into Egg-imals! We had owls, skunks, mice, dogs, cats and pigs. This was a long process... cause someone (me) had to cut out all the stupid little shapes out of the felt.... so it was 4 hours out of my life gone.... but the laughter from the kids when they got to create these things was priceless!

Right when I snapped this photo my son Ryan thought it would be funny to blow bubbles into our basket of goodies! LOL! Made for a good photo... but hopefully the candy doesn't taste like soap too much... oh well there just kids, right!?! :D

And here is an Easter Craft the kids did. I found all these craft and food ideas at Family Disney online. These were just socks filled with beans. The kids absolutely loved this craft!! It was so much fun!


Drew said...

No wonder you are so skinny, girl. You spend all your time cooking that you could possibly have time to eat! :) What a gorgeous spread of food you created!

Life with Kaishon said...

So fun : ). I love that turkey! Gorgeous! And the cupcakes are like the cutest things EVER! I would eat some of those coconut cookies right this second!

You asked who all the people were I take pictures of. My friends and my family. My neighbors. I just take pictures of people every where I can. I love little faces. And big faces and... almost all faces!

I am thinking of starting a stranger project soon.

We'll see : )

Anita Johnson said...

I love so many of your photos, but I actually think I could make the Easter basket cupcakes...what a cute idea!

Taylor said...

Looks like a yummy feast! Those easter basket cupcakes are too cute!!

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