Monday, May 5, 2014

Cupcakes, Cleaning, Bubbles and Park Fun!

We have been up to so many different things in the Roper household! I am a little behind on blogging (as usual!) but we are not behind on having fun. So here is a month in review of all the fun things we have been up too!!

All the things Ryan bought for his sisters when he spent money at the school fair. He is so sweet! :) He on his own spent more money on them then he did on himself. He is such a sweet boy.

Madison cleaning my vacuum with her vacuum. 

Hi mom! :)

Learning to put on her own shoes.

Picnics at the park are the best!! 

Slides and PB&J sandwiches are the best!

Trying to fly dollar store kites.... not such a big hit... lol they broke almost immediately. 

my son... the goof ball who never lets me take pictures

got the kite up for just a few seconds before it broke

and here is the broken kite 

bubbles at the park attracts all the coolest friends at the park

Katie's new favorite thing is bubbles! I may have to invest in a bubble blower cause I can't blow them fast enough for her and she is so impatient with waiting! 

learning on her own

Love her eyes

Having fun on the trampoline

such a gorgeous girl with crazy hair :)

Making cupcakes

Thank you grandma for the cupcake kit!! 

Cupcakes with friends

Madison's friend being silly

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