Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day with the Roper Family!

What can I say... Mother's Day was crazy, busy, fun, silly and beautiful! We went to church that morning and listened to a sermon about what Heaven is going to be like. I think it impacted me and maybe why I took so many pictures of God's beautiful creations here on earth. It makes you wonder though, how much more magnificent can it get? Unfortunately though I could "never: imagine how freaking amazing heaven will be so for now, I will just stare at the beauty He has put here on earth for us to awe over :) Also lets note that today was a glorious day for me as well because my mom and my sister both dedicated their lives over to God at a church in Boise. I wish so much I could have been there but I wasn't able to go but so thankful God reached their hearts. It was such a wonderful day for me.

Moscow in the spring has no shortage of flowers, amazing fields, sunsets and places to visit. On Mother's Day we explored the Botanical Gardens on the University of Idaho's campus. I couldn't stop snapping away, and for a short time my husband abandoned me with the kids cause he was tired of me photographing every flower we walked by. :)

But daddy did have to get back to his studies so about half way through he had to leave and the kids and I finished exploring the gardens our selves. We found all kinds of amazing things! I will let the photographs walk you through our day. There was no shortage of pictures on Mothers Day :)

Awe... my family ..... abandoning me :) LOL

Three turtles!! So cool and they were about 8" in diameter as well! 

Hey I know these people... found my family back. I guess geese are more interesting then me :)

I think this Goose wanted some food

Ryan found this egg. We think it is an goose egg

Had to photograph this thing of course!

Played around with it a little... and hey... it floats!

It looks like a boat. LOL! 

Beautiful day today. Love the clouds

Sun was magnificent!

gorgeous sky

Brother found her a stick and teaching her to walk with it :) LOL

my girls. Love them

Cutest girls I know

Love this barn!

Okay my family is crazy.... nuff said

They are playing... not fighting... I promise! :)

tackle sister!?! 


Jacob took this :) Me and my girls

tickle torture

This is when I got ambushed by my kids

I asked Ryan to take a nice photo... but apparently this is his nice face.... my kid is nuts 

Okay nice photo... too bad Katie is looking at her crazy brother

Complete stranger offered to take a picture for us :)

Madison took the photos on the left... and the one on the right... well she is a Zombie

Katie actually took these! I trusted my 2 year old with my camera that is worth more then my car... :) A little out of focus but really impressed

After our walk the kids took a nap

some of my favorite pictures. This tree was gorgeous

:) I know my Boise friends would like me to blow this up for them so they can use it as target practice :) 

Still a Boise fan but hey.... I live here so I can photograph these if I feel like it so there!! 

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