Monday, May 5, 2014

Science Fair and Grandpa Visits!

Grandpa came up and visited us a few months ago and just getting to some of the photos of him with his grandkids. They went to the park and brought the metal detector that they used to find treasures at the park :) They found some things, and some garbage as well but the memories are the best treasures anyways.

The kids also worked very hard on their Science Fair Projects as well. I am so proud of them for all their hard work.

Finally learning to enjoy swings! She hated them up until a few weeks ago

Getting bigger and trying to do bigger things.... like climb rock walls.... 

Jake and Grandpa searching for gold :)

HAHA this little girl wanted to play too!

Going down the slide

My  handsome boy

My precious girl

Madison is going to be a firewoman and Ryan is being a nice brother helping Katie down the slide

Oh... hello handsome... he never lets me take his pictures. 

See here he is running from me

Madison and her Science Fair Project

Ryan and his Science Fair Project on Sugar

Ryan and his Science Fair Project on Volcanos

Proud of these kiddos! They put in a lot of work

Time to explode Ryan's Volcano

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