Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Palouse Falls Washington - Memorial Weekend

Over Memorial Weekend we visited Palouse Falls in Washington. It is a 187 foot waterfall and it was so beautiful. We wished we could have gone to the bottom of the falls but the hikes down were so steep and impossible with the children. We did get to hike on top of the falls which was also quite scary with kids because their was no fencing on the edges to keep you from falling over so we were a little on edge with the four kids but it was beautiful and had so much fun! Definitely glad we had the opportunity to visit this area.

Castle Rock

Right on the edge of a 187 foot steep cliff


Love the rainbow on the left!

Look at the people walking on the path that takes you to the bottom of the falls. It is so steep and only about half way down. Not exactly kid and stroller friendly :) We passed on this hike down.

HAHA Jake wanted to do this. LOL

Proof I am having fun!


Mom quit taking pictures of us!! 

Drive by pictures in the car on our way home :)

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