Friday, May 16, 2014

Moscow Charter School End Of Year Play - Full Steam Ahead

I am amazed at all the talent these students have. The music was something you would hear off a CD you would pay for. No joke! The students never missed a beat, and I am so impressed by how well the music teacher was able to teach these children and work in sync. Not only did the music blow me away... the fact that they coordinated a school play with the entire school from Kindergarten to 6th grade blows me out of the water. At the very end they ended in music and they had all the students fill the aisle's as if it were surround sound and sing to us and it was so beautiful. I am so impressed with the way they performed and utilized every student. My daughter Madison was the cutest Venus Fly Trapper (Grandpa would be proud) and of course my boys are not into theatrics so they volunteered behind the scenes and my two strong men moved the sets when the curtains closed :) So proud of them!

Meet the principle of Moscow Charter! My kids adore him

The very talented music teacher! My son loves her cause I guess she can rock the electric guitar and he thinks that's cool.

The cutest fly trapper in the world :)
His expression! Priceless Cavemen are cool! 

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The Mona Lisa :) LOL 

This kid was hilarious! He was from the future :)

Katie loved the train! It was her favorite part of the play

My boys taking their bow for working backstage

Music teacher getting flowers for her amazing production :)

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