Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dinner with Myriam and Zein

Tonight Josh and I got to host dinner for some friends. It was so much fun. They spoiled my kids with gifts and candy. Ryan is my little social bug and loved them so much. He climbed all over Zein and gave him hugs and Myriam kisses! Jacob was shy... of course... but by the end of the night he told them good-bye. (which is a big step for Jacob when he is in his shy mood)

Dinner was awesome. I made roasted red potatoes with rosemary and garlic, a caeser salad with red onions (yum!) and Josh made these awesome gourmet burgers. He bought a special seasoning from our friend Adam and we made homemade burgers with Avacado and parmesean cheese. For dessert I made a Apple Crisp with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries and topped with vanilla ice-cream and a glass of wine.... Everything turned out good.

My mom, my Nana and Matt joined us for dinner. I think everyone had a good time! Here are some pictures of our evening. Here is Myriam and Zein.
Madison thought the kitchen table was her playground and wanted to climb all over the top of it! It was pretty cute.
Here is one of all of us...if you look closely you can see the huge red pimple on my forehead... I am 26 years old... I thought after high school they weren't supposed to ever come back! Maybe if I get the motivation I will have photoshop take care of that! :D
Here is Madison throwing a fit with her brand new stuffed cow that they brought for her all the way from Tunisia! It was so cute when she opened the gift she gave it a huge hug and patted it's back. She loves her babies!

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