Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time to wind down.... OR NOT!

So after a big dinner and good company... wouldn't it be time to relax and get some rest... No not at my house. It was time to pull out the camera and start posing! Here's Courtnee with bunny ears!
And yes... I'm choking her! She wouldn't sit still... I had to teach her a lesson!
This is Courtnee in a head lock! Do you like my Dr. Seuss socks? They are so comfy!
Trying to keep "peace" in the hood! LOL
I wanted a picture of Josh... but Courtnee jumped in. Everything is always about her... ha ha! Typical girl!
Mother/Daughter time... I love this picture... Most of the time I am the one behind the camera so I never have pictures of me... so this picture is a rare delicacy!
and here is my naughty little girl... dancing on the table! Now because I laughed at her for doing something she isn't supposed too she will think it's a game to climb on mommy's furniture...

and the girls again! Of course Madison couldn't put down her baby! That will be her favorite toy for the next couple of weeks!
Like I said.... always about her! She must get that from her other sisters... HA HA! Definately not from me :D
All tuckered out after a long day... Sleeping in grammy's arms...

What a great day! What a great weekend! Praise God for such wonderful family and friends... I am so blessed!

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