Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures that Inspire Me

I love these photos! They were taken on our vacation last year. We went to Oregon. Josh and I spent a morning on the beach just taking photos of everything and anything!

This is the baby tiger we got to hold at the Bandon Petting Zoo. He was like a playful kitten with big puppy feet! His fur was so soft and fuzzy.... I wanted to take him home!

This looks like a photo you would put on the cover an an album... only missing a few band members and guitars!
This was actually taken in Cascade. We were on the opposite side of the lake at my aunts cabin. This is their view.... Can you imagine waking up to this every morning while sitting on their enormous pation sipping coffee... It would be a glimpse of heaven every morning.
Even though the ocean will wash away my writing.... this picture will remind me every day how lucky I am to have him.
These are a bunch of fisherman bouy's. They were old and rotted... but in a way are they incredible and fascinating to look at! I mean think of the history behind these! Every crack and scratch has a story....
Bandon Oregon Light house. The view is incredible.... Light Houses are all unique and so inspiring. I could take a vacation for a week and view light houses everyday and be completely content...
They look so in love....
Lucky shot... Trying to take a picture of this unique flower and here comes a bee.

A bird sitting on a rock. It is an incredible silhouette!
Someone was lucky enough to walk this path... and leave a path. It makes me want to be there and walk that same path....
Oh.... I want a relaxing vacation on the beach... no actually I want to live on a beach.... then it wouldn't only last a week... I could wake up to this every morning. But instead I wake up to boring Boise Idaho :D Just kidding... its a great place to live... just not much to do in the extreme winters and extreme summers!

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Amy said...

We are going to see some lighthouses in 2 months! We can't wait!

The extreme winters are what I don't like about where we live. I can handle the summers. The summers in the south are HORRIBLE!! 3 digit weather down there with added humidity makes you stay inside all the time. 3 digit weather here, you can cool off in the shade and actually feel chilled. So I WELCOME the summers here!

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