Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling so much better!

Where does time go. Is it already the middle of March? Sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button on life.

This week the doctors changed my thryoid medicine to a higher dosage and it seems to be helping me out so much better. I have so much more energy (and I need it with these kids!) and it seems to help with my mood swings (ha ha poor Josh how did he put up with me for 7 years). It's funny because before I knew I had a thryoid problem I thought being tired all the time was because my kids got up a dozen times in the night and then you think you are tired because you are always on the go with them but it had nothing to do with them. I am so thankful that I got this fixed. According to the doctors I am hypothyroid and I should be overweight... but thankfully I don't have that problem and have never had problems with my weight.

Anyways I spent the weekend with my sister Jessey and we rented a hotel, ordered in food, watched movies, gossiped about our boys, laughed about nothing, and just had so much fun. I love that girl!

Here are some pictures of the kids during the week.

The boys had a tea party wit hot cocoa the other day. Ignore the shot glass and the pink bib... :D

I couldn't find another small cup and I didn't want a major spill so I settled with a shot glass that Josh got at the Coeur D Alene Golf Course... SHHHH don't tell him he would be so mad!

A toast to hot cocoa on a cold and rainy day.

One minute Kylie was playing in the playroom... the next she was passed out on the floor. She slept like this for about an hour!

and again on the same day I found her sitting on the couch sleeping... How can children sleep like this... my poor back and neck!
Madison LOVES to hang out by the bath when the boys are in there. They think it is funny to poor water on her head while she's there. There is usually a swimming pool of water on the bathroom floor when there done!
and the boys all cleaned up and ready for bed making faces at their mom!

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