Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner Last night at Golden Corral

I thought this picture was neat! This was off my coffee table.

The kids and I met up with Regina's family and Myriam and Zein at the Golden Corral in Nampa. The kids loved that they got to pick out whatever they wanted to eat and then pick out dessert. Myriam helped Ryan get dessert and he came back with a plate of ice-cream, gummy bears, M&M's and a big slice of carrot cake! I think at that moment he was in heaven!

I wish Josh could have made it but he had to finish up a job and worked late. The kids lasted about an hour and were really good.... but after an hour of sitting in a restaurant they had enough. Madison wanted to run around, Ryan wanted to blow air through a straw at everyone.... (and gross... because his spit kept flying out in the process!) and then Jacob wanted to swing his yo-yo around and hit everyone in sight! So we decided it was time to go.

Here is Regina's family and Myriam and Zein
Here is one of Madison and Myriam!
My family and Myriam and Zein.

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