Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend... Saturday - Egg Hunt

Our Easter weekend started out a little rough. Friday... well we did nothing, the whole clan was sick. We had the flu bug in the house and he didn't want to seem to leave. By Saturday the kids were feeling much better but poor mommy was feeling a little under the weather.

We still did our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Capital Christian Church with my sister and her little girl. I spent more time in the grass watching the kids run from bounce house to bounce house and watching my poor husband try to keep up with three kids then doing anything myself. I just didn't have much energy that day! It was such a joy to see the kids so happy and so excited to have a day that was full of fun activities.

Ryan and his pretty blues! He was waiting so patiently in line to go into the bounce house.
Jacob so intensely looking at what he got inside of his eggs.
Madison didn't get to play in the bounce houses, but happily played on top of them!

Here is Kylie collecting eggs in the wind! Check out her toupee!
Jacob posing for a quick picture before he ran the obsticle in the bouncehouse.

Here is mommy and me collecting eggs!
I will post Easter pictures up from Sunday hopefully later on today.

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