Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video of Madison's 1st Year

This video almost always brings a tear to my eye! The first song is so beautiful. I accidentally came across it one day on the internet. The singer is Erin O'Donnell and she has so many other beautiful songs! This song was actually written for a little girl who was sick. It is called Hold On To Jesus. It fits SO perfectly in this video.

It literally took me probably 25 hours or more to create this video. It was worth every second because I will always have my daughters first year of life in one 15 minute video. All the pictures go in order of her life. From day one at the midwives to her first birthday. I can't wait until she is older so I can share this with her, and her husband and her future kids.

I played this at my daughters first birthday party. I have probably watched it a hundred times since! Now that I know how to make video's I want to make one for Jacob and Ryan. Jacob's birthday is in June so my goal is to have 6 years of video and pictures made for him as a keepsake. I only hope that now that I know how music and pictures, timing and editing work it will take me half the time! I guess we will see.

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