Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Pictures of the Children

We went at the worst time of the day for photos. We decided last minute to take these pictures when we saw how nice it was outside. So we get the kids ready and get to the park around 2pm. We were limited on our locations but I think they turned out nice regardless!

We brought bubbles, pinwheels, and easter eggs! The kids had so much fun and I got some great candid shots!

Jacob blowing bubbles!

Same photo... different filter

Madison! What a doll!
I love this photo! It is one of my favorites! Just a great candid moment with the boys!
If you look closely Madison has a super huge pout face! Too funny!

The boys taking time to see who can make the biggest bubble!Jacob spinning trying to make bubbles!
Look at his hair! He looks like he stuck his hand in a light socket!
Can't go through a day without the classic Madi tantrum
Popping bubbles on the ground

All three of the kids
Ryan was spinning like his brother with the bubbles!

Still spinning....
Jacob showing off his moves now

Blowing the pinwheel
This one is neat with the sun in the background
Madison putting stuff in her mouth

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