Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 Years have passed...

since the death of my husbands mother and my children's grandma.

Unfortunately neither I nor my children ever got to meet this incredible women... but at least we have the stories and memories from my husband to know what kind of women she was.

It is sad because she would have been one incredible grandmother to my kids. I feel like God took apart of their lives away from them. I don't know why but I guess I just have to have faith that there was a reason. I know she left an incredible testimony before she passed and she is a huge part of why her 5 children are advocates for the Lord... and because of her grace and love her children brought me and my friend Jody (who is also my sister in law) to the Lord...

I would love to share her testimony... and I pray that I only use this story to enrich your lives and love for the Lord.

Before Debbie got cancer she was a loving wife, a pregnant mother of 5, a business owner, and a Member and Leader of Right to Life of Boise. She was the glue that held the family together.

When she went to the doctors for a lump in her breast she was pregnant with my sister in law Jessey. The doctor told her that she had breast cancer and needed to start chemo immediately. They suggested an immediate abortion of her unborn baby Jessey because if she didn't start chemo now it would kill her and the baby.

Fortunately Debbie was a women of Faith, and prayed her heart out that she would live long enough to give birth to her baby and then start chemo. And miraculously God answered her prayers.

Jessey was born at 28 weeks (the doctors took her out as soon as she would survive outside the womb). By that point the doctors said her cancer had progressed and gave her less then 6 months to live. It was devastating news to the family. Can you imagine how her husband must have felt to know that in 6 months his wife could pass and he would have 5 children (including a newborn baby) to raise by himself....

But Debbie put her faith in the Lord over the Doctors and prayed that she would live long enough to see her newborn daughter become a women. And God answered her prayers. Jessey turned 16 in November of 1999 and Debbie passed away less then two months later. How amazing is that. Despite Debbie's odds statistically... she fought breast cancer with God on her side for 16 years.

This story alone reminds me how powerful God is. And how much he cares for you... and that he does listen... he hears your prayers... and he will answer them... and when they are considered "miracles" like Debbie's story was... it becomes an amazing testimony... and that means... it is a story that we must share with the world to remind us that God works continuously in our lives, every day, every minute of every second!

The following pictures are our visit to her grave December 22nd 2009. These photos were long over due to make it to my blog... I have no excuse for my shortness in blogs... just lack of time... my usual excuse.

My children's great grandfather's grave is next to Debbie's. My father in law jokes that he could never get away from his in laws... even after he passes away! LOL! I know everyone feels this away about in laws sometimes... and even sometimes their own family!


Amy said...

Crazy how time flies! I remember when Elliot passed away. In fact, before we moved, Reba wanted to go to William's resting place and in turn, we took her to Elliot's and Debbie's. I stood and held her hand and had a nice quiet cry with her. Sweet family you are in now.

BTW, thanks for the award. I will post it later. I have so much going right now that I almost can't think straight.

Anonymous said...

That is truly an amazing story. I know I have heard it over and over from Justin since she was such a big part of his life as well. She was like a second mother to him. It seems like it was just yesterday he says to me all the time. Some times there are songs that come on the radio that remind him of her. She was truly and amazing person and a great gift to all of us. I didn't get to meet her for she died a year prior to Justin and I getting together but the stories you hear makes you feel like she was someone you were close to. Thank you for sharing and reminding me that miracles do happen with faith.

Thank you


Taylor said...

A really beautiful post. The pictures are really touching too. She must have been a real fighter!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

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