Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Boise Bronco's at the Fiesta Bowl vs. TCU

Today is the biggest game of the year for Bronco Nation. It is what our team has worked for all year long. We stand undefeated at this point and cannot wait to play against TCU. Again (as always it seems) we are the under ranked team. We should and may not win this team! But we are hopeful and we have heart and maybe we will have another Cinderells story like we did two years ago.

My husband was supposed to attend this game. He had tickets, a hotel and a ride... But now he is home with me fighting tonsilitis... poor guy!

I cannot wait to see the outcome of this game! It will be a great game. I have watche Boise state for a couple of years now and the more and more I watch them play the more and more I love the game... and it is because our team seriously has so much heart and love for the game and that is why I believe we are undefeated. It helps that our coach and some of our players are Believers so I also think we are a team with God on our side! :D

Two years ago our team prior to the game was compared to David and Goliath... (We were David ) Sooners were Goliath... and if anyone is familiar with the story then everyone new David had God on his side and defeated Goliath... just like we did the Sooners...

Until then... here is pictures of my BSU cuties...and some crazed fans! GO BOISE STATE!

Madison was born a BSU Fan! LOL

3 of the cutest fans ever!
Getting ready for the game!

My crazed boise State Fans!
Did we get the touchdown?!?
Our fans are "Priceless!"
During the Sooners game at the Fiesta Bowl in 2007
Aren't Crazed Boise State Fans the Best!
I think we won... what do you think!
Oh... They are sitting "Ducks" out there LOL! I would hate to be these Ducks fans right now.... they are surrounded by crazed Boise Fans! Oh and there over ranked team lost lost to our under ranked team...TWICE!! :D

At the Fiesta bowl... Where are all the Sooners Fans? Look at all that blue and orange out there!

The notorius blue turf!
I just love our team!


Life with Kaishon said...

I love the pictures of the kids all geared up for the game. They are SO cute. I can't stand it! I am sorry your husband got so sick!

Taylor said...

I don't know much about football but I hope your team wins! I also hope your hubby feels better soon.

Jules said...

SO sad that he has tonsilitis and didn't get to go to his game! I love all your pictures, so fun!
If you are interested I know of some realy great remedies for sickness.
First of all, gargling salt water will realy help with his tonsils, if he doesn't already.
Garlic, taken 3-4 times a day while sick, will act as a natural antibiotic. If he is on antibiotics already though, have him take it after he is finished with all of the prescription first. To help kill any infection in the throat, he can mix a tblsp of honey, and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. The idea is to let it coat the back of the throat as is goes down. It will help kill any bacteria in the throat. Whatever you do though, stay away from cows milk and any dairy products. Milk has been found to be a carrier of of the strep virus, and dairy products will raise the bodies mucus levels, which harbor bacteria and make it hard to get rid of toxins in the body. Drinking distilled water, about a gallon a day will help flush the toxins out too.
Anyway, we have been using these remedies, mostly just the garlic even. Consistency is the key, and we have avoided all kinds of sicknesses this year. Hope it helps!

Amy said...

What an awesome game we had last night! I'm proud of them. It is unlike me to not cheer on a Texas team but they are dirty to my Texas Longhorns...AND my boys were all born in Boise and since we lived there the last 6 years, we HAD to cheer them on. Any team that beats Oklahoma University is my team. :) Can't stand OU! So the game 2 years ago felt really good.

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