Friday, January 8, 2010

Fix-It Friday #40 - Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

In celebration of birthdaythis month we had to photo edit a birthday photo.

To be honest... this photo "I thought" didn't need editing... so I just played with it a little! So in honor of I Heart Faces Birthday and the Victory of Boise State Bronco's Fiesta Bowl win on Monday... here is my contribution to the photo!

What I did:
1) Rotated, Cropped and sharpened photo with photoshop 7
2) Replaced colors with photoshop 7
3) Cross Processing using Nik Color Effex
4) Vigenette Blur using Nik Color Effex and delted any blur around the boy and the table to draw attention to him and not the subjects behind him
5) Slight Glamour glow with Nik Color Effex


(P.S. Go Broncos! the only other undefeated team this year besides Alambam the National Champions!)

P.S.S. Sorry Amy the Longhorns didn't win... but I did root for them the whole game!! And they almost made a comback!



kim said...

I love what you did! I need to learn a lot more, I can see. I love that you changed the color of the jersey. Great job!

macnchut said...

Love your edit--especially the color change of his jersey!

Taylor said...

Another great edit!

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