Friday, January 8, 2010

Skeeter was Exceptionally Adorable this Week!

So our new cat is hilarious... He is extremely curious and is into everything! I caught him in my daughters doll stroller today... so of course she started pushing him around. It was so adorable. I quickly grab my camera as quick as I could before he jumped out and thankfully he didn't. After about 5 minutes he finally got out and Madison was so upset. She tried to get him back in... but he wouldn't have it and run under the bed where he is safe from kids and dogs. LOL...!

Here I am laying on the ground. I new the cat was on the other side laying on the cushions. I started scratching the couch to see what he would do and he peeked over to see what the noise was. He looks so goofy in this picture!

He loves to play in my blinds too.

Just imagine me laying on the ground while my cat is on the couch... uncomfortable and trying to get a picture. To get his attention I had to scratch the couch... here is a picture of him trying to attack my hand.
Just hanging out getting fur all over my couch!
I caught him in the boy's room sitting on their bookshelf... I ran as fast as I could to get this shot! Too funny!
hanging out like a little doll... and no this was not staged.. he did this on his own
Madison enjoyed every moment of this
So there you have it... if you needed an animal fix... this is the right place to be! Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I needed a kitty fix! He's really a cool cat! Looks like he's blended well in your family...Have a great week-end Steph!

Brandi said...

He looks really happy in his new home!

Taylor said...

I'm so glad skeeter is settling in nicely and making himself at home lol!

What is it with cat's and baby stuff? My cat will not stay off of Taylor's new bed. Taylor started closing her door after she gets up and tells the kitty "out" lol, I think she has heard me say it one too many times!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha I love your cat. Those are amazing pictures you took. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. I am proud of you for taking in a kitty! He is adorable.


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