Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A not so funny, slightly boring and pictureless ramblings of my day for Rebekah!


it was a restless night... Madison wouldn't sleep... and then my alarm clock went off and after Ihit the snooze button several times I finally woke up... didn't get coffee cause my husband is out of town and I am to dumb to know how to brew coffee... so I am exhausted and lazy and didn't make my son's lunch for school (bad mom!) ... so as he is asking me where is lunch is and i tell him to get money out of my purse... I put on Dora for my kids so maybe I can snooze for just 5 minutes longer... but the dog is licking my face cause he has to go potty and the cat is meowing at me cause she is hungry... so I get my butt up finally... clean up the messy syrup and milk mess my kids left for me on the counter because they attempted to made breakfast...because did i mention I was too lazy to do it for them... and then get a call from my sister wondering why I wasn't at her house... Oh yeah! I forgot i had an appointment to take her pictures. So i rush to get the kids over to her house and as i am taking pictures i notice my battery to my camera is half dead... so a little annoyed that i didn't plan a head of time... And did i mention the lighting in her house sucked! So finally after hours of pictures... we are done and I go home to find my husband got home from out of town and is attempting to do laundry... and trying to put my wet clothes in the dryer... did I mention I hang dry all my clothes... because i do! So after telling him for the hundredth time not to do laundry or dry my clothes because it ruins them I think he finally got the point... but then asked me what was for dinner... Oh yeah dinner... Hadnt planned that far ahead yet... so throw something in the oven... sit down to edit photos and here I am hours later playing on the computer when I should be sleeping... and my smug mug is experiencing techincal difficulties so i can't even upload my photos tonight... So there you to... my not so interesting... but very busy day!

Oh did you want a picture?!?

Here is one for you


It's my smiley face picture! LOL! you are the best... thanks for the laugh! hope you enjoy my blog today!


Melissa said...

Yeah I did... the rambling is good...everyone needs to vent sometime!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are such a punk! But I totally loved this post! Did you NOT read the part where I said If you do all these TERRIBLE BLOGGING sins and I still come and visit you then I think you are cool and I don't care? CAuse I don't! Plus, who made me the blogging Queen? Exactly :) I am a nobody! : ) A nobody who LOVES your maternity pictures and your gorgeous family!

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