Sunday, January 24, 2010

Melissa's Maternity Photos

BTW... My blog is going to be getting a facelift... so please be patient with my work in progress! I wanted to be able to feature my photos larger then what blogger offers so i have been researching how it can be done!

Anyways my sister Melissa is pregnant with my niece Kennedie Grace. Isnt' that such a beautiful name! We were limited on time so we were unable to finish all the ones we wanted to do... but for now this is what I have.

Me and Mommy time before baby is born!

Can you believe my sister painted this tree! It was featured in a pottery barn kids magazine and so she recreated it. I think it turned out amazing!

You can never have enough blankets... but I think in this case... maybe you can!

The big sis!

She was pouting because she wanted me to take pictures of her and not her mommy.... so in the process I snapped a picture of her pouting!

Have you ever met Lucky? My sister named him that because he was a dog rescued from New Orleans after the Hurricane.

And here is my little niece... She has the cutest button nose!


Melissa said...

Beautiful, and love the new look!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree that she painted... very talented. I love the pictures you took... she is getting big! So excited for her.


Taylor said...

Great shots. I love the new header and blog look.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE that tree she painted! SO cool! I want to do that in Kaishon's room. Is it too girly. I am SO ashamed to say that I have not decorated his room yet... We have been here well over 2 years... I think it is pitiful!

Your shoot was so great. LOVE the chalkboard. LOVE how great your sister looks. LOVE that name. Very, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

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