Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New Baby!

Okay so today I met my new baby in the mail! I didn't tell anyone yet... but I have been saving up for the Nikkor 80-200mm lens f2.8. I couldn't afford the coveted 70-200mm VR II but hey you know what... I am okay with buying used!

So I took a picture of the first thing I saw... and it was our lunch from Little Caesars.... so here is the first image ever taken with my new baby... Amazing Bokeh! :D  My husband thought it looked dumb all blurred out... and actually I agree but I wasn't trying to take some amazing photograph here... I just wanted to test it out!
And how about some sparkling fruit!

I purchased this for wedding and action photography. But because I couldn't wait to use it... I took it to the park... so this by the way is NOT a park lens! Umm duh... it weights a hundred pounds! Okay so not really but it sure is the heaviest lens I ever owned! But I got a few shots before putting it back into my car. It was just too heavy and bulky...

Madison was NOT interested in taking photos for me today.....
Ryan didn't mind... but the sun was bright so he kept squinting

And can you believe... I let a complete stranger take a picture with my camera... I felt safe cause he was sporting a Canon with a barrel lens a mile long... :D I figured he must know what he was doing right? LOL! and so glad I took the chance cause here is the end result... the wind is blowing like crazy... Madi wanted down, and I have a cheesy smile... but how often do you get to have a picture with your angel... and check out my new hair color! Got my hair done today! Thank you Jodi and Tanzanite Salon in Downtown Boise... you are amazing!!!

Now to book a wedding! I really am dieing to use this lens! I was hoping Jessey and Sean would get married soon... but it sounds like they are going to elope and then use the money for a honeymoon.... :( Sob! But maybe this post will make her feel bad and change her mind and have a wedding... or maybe they will bring me with them? FREE VACATION HERE I COME! :D


Taylor said...

Great shots with the new lens! I have been bugging and bugging my hubby for a new lens but it is pretty pricey and cost more than my camera LOL so I'm not holding my breath. Can't wait to see some wedding shots in the future.

Great new do BTW!

missy said...

great pictures!!!!! :)

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