Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Story Tuesday - Just for Fun!

I am actually not a participant of True Story Tuesday but I remembered that many others are and I totally have a funny story to share... I should join that site amongst a million other things, but one day at a time right now for me! Been busy with so much stuff lately!

So last night my son Ryan and I were in the living room playing "I Spy." It was his turn and first thing he does is look directly at the object, then continues to say I Spy something regtangle and it is a window.

Laughing to myself I look at him and said "Is it the window?"

And his eyes shot up HUGE, with a BIG grin on his face and said YES! How did you know so fast!

I just smiled and said lucky guess.... and said to myself... I will let him think I am a super mom... :D

I will end with a picture of my fat cat who lounges in front of this fireplace every night. There are times I wake up and he is flat on his back with his legs in the air. Such a silly cat! These were seriously taken in the middle of the night and the only light came from the fireplace. No tripod just layed camera on the ground and took a picture (Dea maybe the remote would have worked for this picture!) Anyways I used my cheapo 50mm which I am just in love with these last couple of weeks!

So do you like the black and white or the color better? Kind of torn on this!


missy said...

Love the i spy story!!!!!!

Your cat is a big guy!!!! I love B&W photos, so I have to say i like the B&W the best!!!!

Taylor said...

LOL! Cute story, kids are so funny.

Great kitty shots, I vote for the B&W's.

Dea said...

Its really easy to use!! All you have to do is find the shoot mode on your camera and change it to remote. The only problem i had was finding that! Lol. and i love the pictures- you did a great job, no remote needed! I love the color ones the best, the colors are just beautiful to me!

And alright, spring break is next week maybe i will have time to mess with it then, if not i will wait for your tutorial!

And i was actually thinking that- i like it to and i think its original enough. i was actually going to change my blog url to it but it was already taken =[

Melissa said...

He's a funny little man! And I love the B-n-W!

missy said...

I also have a Dyson......and I too love, love, love it!!!!!
The shark is just used for quick little jobs....but not going to say I think it is the greatest thing ever!!! :) We saw it on Ebay and thought we would give it a try, did not spend much on it at all!!!

Melissa said...

hehehehe! Kids are so funny when they are learning to play games! :)

Hmmmm, I like the black and whites, I think. But, if I saw the color without the b&w, I probably would love those too.

Life with Kaishon said...

I think I liked the color. LOVE that pretty firelight. So nice. It made me feel calm. : )

I spy is the best!

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