Thursday, March 18, 2010


I maybe put to much emphasis on the teacher yesterday. She is amazing. She really is. My son adores her....and so do I. I actually asked her to keep me informed on his behavior. So she writes down when there is an incident minor or major. As a mother I want to make sure my son is being on his best behavior even when I am not there.

I got to talk to her yesterday and understand more of what happened. The reason she never got the complete story is because when she asked Jacob what happened he "clammed" up. He has done this since he was a child. I don't let him get away with it. I send him to his room until he is ready to talk.... but as a teacher she can't exactly do that. Plus she has 20 other students and can't neglect them. She really truly is a wonderful teacher and she cares so much about my son. I think it is just hard to see your little one have such a hard time with this little girl.

After I sent her the letter she immediately emailed me back and reminded me that name calling in the 1st grade is a big deal to "them". Which I forget that sometimes. It really is. So I agree that should not be allowed. But my son went up to his teacher yesterday and shared his side of the story (like I asked him to) and he said that she said "okay and that she would talk with the other two kids" So... I believe now the situation will get handled....

Now as far as Chloe having a crush on my son.... well it is actually the other way around...LOL!  Here is proof. My son made these little heart characters in her class... and well... if you look closely...  he wrote and then erased her name. My son has the crush and has had one on her all year long... Not sure why. I mean she is cute... but I mean no "Dakota Fanning" adorable or anything! :D

Thanks for all your help!


Life with Kaishon said...

I love his project. : ) Your kids are SO sweet!

Taylor said...

I'm glad it's sorted out!

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