Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay so I have a confession...

I know how envious a few of you were about the green grass we enjoyed in the park the other day.... and while well we did have grass that day at the park....The blades of grass were more the colors of brown and yellow... I am honored you believed my grass was green... Maybe its is because of my superb photo editing skills! LOL!

So how did I turn the grass green? It was very very easy (for me and probably Jen McNeil cause I know she owns the software.) For anyone that knows me they know I am a huge advocate for Nik Software Complete. It is a software program complete with (I think) 52 photo filters. They are amazing once you figure out which ones you like and then you can do blending options etc and multiple different filters... So anyways all I did was run a filter called Enhanced Foilage. There are 3 choices of "green" to choose from. I chose the first one - adjusted the opacity fo my liking -and then hit okay. I instantly had green grass! :D

But if I had to do it in photoshop (which I actually have never had to do) I would assume you could go to adjust coloring on your photo and then change the drop down box to Green and then increase the saturation, or you could do a separate layer and color the areas you want green and then blend the two layers together wish softlight or a reduced opacity... ugh it is to early to think!

Here is my beautiful fake green grass :D

And here are some other pictures from the park that day


Melissa said...

Oh, I love that picture of Maddie in the tube/tunnel thingy! Adorable!!!

And, that's ok if you cheated on the green grass. I've done that before too.... :) But, hey, at least you can see your grass. Even brown, I'd take that over the 15+ inches of snow that we've gotten in the last two days! Of course, that's just piled on top of what we already had..... Bleck! I'm so ready for winter to be over!!!!!

missy said...

LOVE the one by the fence!!!!!!!!!!!
They are all good but I think that one is my favorite!!! :)
Thanks for sharing your secret....I was very jealous of the green grass!!! Our snow is melting...we are soooooo excited!!!! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

So fun : )
You are a genius with your software!

My family isn't getting audited, my company is. Not by the IRS but by the state of PA. All social service agencies get audited once a year.
It is almost over though. PHEW!

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