Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I should be sleeping but thanks to PW I am not!

Okay so it isn't her fault... but PW was recently discovered in my household... and I have become a fan! I love her seventies action... does anyone else also? So in about 60 seconds I used her sharpen, seventies, eye boost, color burn action, added my watermark and reduced image size to web quality (obviously I reduced opacities) but nonetheless I created this in about 60 seconds. Fast easy and unique! I love it!

Here is the Original SOOC
Best of all her actions are free.... can you believe that! I wish I had visited her sooner... maybe this morning cause I got kids coming over in less then 5 hours... I am going to be sleepy! Oh and guess what! I will get to try out my new lens on May 15th! That's right... I booked a wedding. I have also been working with a company and possibly doing there sports photography! It is so exciting to see things coming together. GOD IS GOOD even though he has really tested my patience this week!

I even got a call back on an event I did back in August at the Black's Creek Shoot Out and they asked if I would come back and do the event this year! I am so excited! I am actually making money doing what I love... how lucky can a girl get... I almost feel bad charging people cause I would probably do it for free if they begged me too! LOL! But I guess I have to pay for this equipment somehow... so my next baby is going to be the Nikon D300.... It will be in my hands by May 15th... GUARANTEED! Sorry hunny you have absolutely no say in this one!


Dea said...

ohh i love it! I really need to download my photoshop and learn how to use it!! I am so proud of you for getting all these jobs booked! Thats awesome!!! When you get to be some bigshot photographer and need a sidekick you can always come find me! haha. =]

Taylor said...

Great edit. I love PW! I have been waiting for so long for her to get her actions made into elements actiions and it is supposed to happen this week. Another great free action site is the coffee shop.

Taylor said...

Also wanted to say congrats on all the great shoots you have coming up! How exciting to get really get things going with the business! So happy for you.

H-Mama said...

I've only recently discovered PW too but haven't used any tools yet. Your shots are great. Love the fake fruit pix in the previous post. That camera is on my wish list. ;)

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