Thursday, March 18, 2010

On A Much Much Happier Note- Here are the girls!

I know... I know....I take to many photos of the girls. :D

Jake was at school. I got Ryan all dressed up for a St. Pattie's Day picture... spiked his hair... which he was not thrilled about and then when I called him in for the picture he comes in smiling with water dripping wet from sticking his head in the sink... He did not want spikey hair... or a green shirt.... So instead of laughing it off... I actually grounded him from the playstation! I was so mad at him... and now today I wake up and I am like "Why can't I be more like Rebekah at Life with Kaishon" when it comes to hair. LOL!

Okay so next time... I won't over react. After all... it is just a picture and how funny would it have been if I had taken a photo of my son with water dripping all over his face, hair matted down and a super soaked green shirt... Now I am seeing the humor in all this. I could have gotten a great shot... WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

So for St. Patrick's Day... all we did was make boring green pancakes. And the kids thought it was gross... LOL! I will upload pictures of the pancakes tomorrow. I forgot to download them to my computer.


The Owings Family said...

You can definitely come over and look at all the curriculum. It's kindergarten stuff, but there is tons of it!! Just let me know when you want to! We were worried about the social skills too, but with church, they get some socializing there. Also, with the home school, they have field trips every so often, so you can meet other families who do it. We have never been to one, but they sound fun. There was one to the Discovery Center and Birds of Prey.

Life with Kaishon said...

I totally understand why the girls are the models. Boys are IMPOSSIBLE, right? : )

Green pancakes. You are like a million times cooler than me. We didn't celebrate any green things on St. Patricks day. Darn it!

Kristin said...

My girls got shamrock socks from the dollar spot at Target, and that's about it! You are a cool with the green pancakes :) I thought I was clever one day and made our kids green eggs and ham and my kids thought they were gross too!
You're right, a picture of your dripping son would have been a good one - I often miss good shots because I am so upset by what my kids have just done :) These are adorable shots - I wish we lived close to you so I could bring my girls over for a photo session!! Haven't been by to visit in a while - I'll be back soon to 'catch up' :)

Taylor said...

Olivia's eyelashes are just gorgeous and Madison is as beautiful as ever! Love the hats, Taylor is jealous LOL.

I actually first thought of green pancakes but didn't think I had any food colouring. After breakfast I discovered some in my egg colouring kit.

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