Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Trip to McCall - Part 1

My husband had to work out of town this week and so the kids and I packed up our stuff and went with him. I love McCall! It is a few hours from Boise but the lake, and the city are so gorgeous and the kids just enjoyed playing on the beach and taking walks. This will be a series of photos and blogs because there is so much to share but here is day one of our adventure.

The first thing we did was we buried Jake.

Madison got thirsty and quenched her thirst with lake water.... gross!

We saw boats

We made a Volcano with swords

My kids stuck there heads around metal objects.

A view of the town of McCall

My boys took turns holding up some huge boulders

Views of the Lake in McCall

We found a park on the lake to play at


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Stephanie! It looks like you had the best time ever : ) the kids are so cute. I can't even take that much sweetness. Just adorable : )

Lake water is gross. The pictures are so pretty though!

missy said...

AWESOME pictures!!!!!!

Taylor said...

What a beautiful place!! Looks like a great place for a small getaway.

Amy said...

McCall will always be my favorite getaway in Idaho. Looking forward to going back for a visit.

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