Monday, June 21, 2010

Food is meant to be photographed and shared...

As a photographer I photograph everything... even food. And even though my family really doesn't understand it and makes fun of me because I do... aren't you glad I did! This was the meal we enjoyed for Father's Day Dinner.

Dinner was an hour late on being ready, my family was starving and gathered around the dinner table looking at all the food prepared and ready to eat... and I announce that everyone had to wait longer cause I had to grab my camera and take pictures of it. My mom laughed at me, maybe a few eyes rolled back in their heads... but these are the memories of my Father's Day and I wanted to have them forever.

I don't know what to get my Fathers for Father's Day. They already have everything they need! So I spoiled my FIL with food. It was also my brother's birthday the day before and so we also were celebrating his birthday too. I love my family and nothing is more special then sharing a meal with the people you love.


Main Course
Chicken Cordon Bleu found here

Strawberry and Feta Salad found here

Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes found here

Herbed Batter Rolls found here

Key Lime Pie found here and specially requested by my Brother Matt for his Birthday!

White Chocolate Rasberry Cheesecake found here and requested by my amazing husband cause he loves cheesecake and rasberries

I also made a blueberry pie that I forgot to photograph but my FIL requested it and absolutely loved it! It can be found here

I also found homemade recipes for graham cracker crusts, pie crusts and also made homemade whipped cream... which were all so easy! I hope your Father's Day was as special and delicious as mine! :D


missy said...

oh my gosh.....everything looks amazing!!!!!

Taylor said...

That all looks soooo yummy! It must have been a lot of work, glad it was a great supper.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so spectacular. Seriously Stephanie. I want to be 1/100th as call as you : )

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