Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kids - Parks - Picnics and Cops

When you plan a nice quiet picnic lunch with your kids at the park... the last thing you expect to see is 3 cops pulling up and interviewing people. Not sure what happened but when we pulled up we heard some shouting amongst a family and the cops had to get involved. It was quite entertaining for the kids to watch while they crammed down their food.

As far as quiet went at this park... well it wasn't. I think about a hundred families were there with their kids. I guess Meridian offers free food during the week for kids at certain parks Monday - Friday and I happened to show up when they were handing out lunches. It worked out great cause the kids were so excited. I had already packed a lunch for them but we ended up saving that for dinner and it worked nicely for mom cause I didn't have to cook!! They got apples, a salad, yogurt, milk and a sandwich in their lunches. Thank you City of Meridian for buying the kiddos lunch!

And of course if you have kids you know the same old routine. Once mom sits down to eat her lunch you hear "Mom I have to go potty!" It never fails. So I took the girls potty... and as you can see the cops are still in the background interviewing some of the people in the park!?!

Here are the kids just enjoying getting out of the house. I love this picture of Madi eating her apple and her messy hair! So adorable

And the boys recently discovered the skatepark next door. They no longer enjoy swings and slides. They want to play on concrete and go off ramps and do all the crazy things that make a moms heart skip a beat... And so for their birthdays which are in a few weeks, mom has already been convinced by daddy to buy them skateboards... but mom said only if they wear safety gear... so that will be included too! Don't need any brain dead kids!

And my next topic is... do you prefer these skateboard boys in baggy saggy pants or these skinny jeans... cause Iknow that skinny jeans are in... but really on guys? I just don't get it! I just don't find it attractive... what is your thoughts ladies? I prefer the saggy over the skin tight skinnies.


Taylor said...

You have the best parks and perks! So much fun and convenient too.

Hate the skinny jeans! Too weird, and not to mention uncomfortable looking.

Life with Kaishon said...

How great is your town? I love that : ) My favorite picture was the apple one with messy hair. She is such a doll!

shoshi and Juan and jonathon are in to skateboarding and thankfully Kaish hasn't gotten into it yet! PHEW!

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