Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away... Kids can't go outside to play...

Rain... seriously... I feel like I live in a rain forest right now... and the truth is I live in a desert... so why is it raining cats and dogs right now! I have had enough of Barbies, puzzles and crafts. I am tired of pretend picnics in front of the TV, and video games.... I want to play on the slides with my kids and take my dog for a walk. I want to play tennis with my husband and go camping... so why won't you stop... God what are you doing to me! :D

Our memorial weekend was quite "memorable". Yes... we got rained out... we played in the pouring down rain and tried to enjoy the weather in our shorts and flip flops because the weather man said it was supposed to be 74 degrees and partly cloudy... only he must have missed the giant rainstorm that moved in on us and ruined our weekend event. So here is our adventure playing in the rain which has not stopped since... The only positive I see out of this... is I dont' have to pay to water my yard this month.

What is she doing you ask? Well apparantly there was left over cupcake frosting on the string and my little sister was trying to lick it off as I snapped a photo...

We did the cake walk and seriously we had 6 out of the 10 kids on this cake walk... and not one won a single cake for almost 15 minutes... All the kids that walked right onto it were winning. LOL. So after an hour on the cake walk (no joke) in the rain... every kid eventually won a cupcake. But here are all the sad faces until then.

and finally everyone got a cupcake... and smiles did reappear.

We left the event early because the rain was just too much and ended up indoors at a place called Wahooz... kind of like a Chuck E Cheese... only much much better.

My niece Kennadie... she is getting so big!

Madison and Grandma!

Hope you all had a good Memorial Weekend!!


Life with Kaishon said...

How much fun was that? I mean, after the rain of course : )

Taylor said...

It rained her most of last week too. It did help our lawn (which really needed it) but sucked for Taylor. I hope it has been sunny for you since this post.

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