Saturday, June 19, 2010

Movie Nights in the Park with Pigs, Penguins and Monkeys :D

I love living in Meridian! They offer so much for families to do and so many of these events are free. There is a park near my house within a mile that offers movie nights in the park on Fridays. They set up a huge screen and families just sit on blankets and watch a movie in the grass. So the kids and I met up with some friends in the park and gathered blankets, pillows snacks and pizza and watched "Babe" in the park last night.

I don't think we got home til midnight, and daddy was pretty exhausted by the time he got home cause he had worked all day and then met us at the park but the kids just had so much fun! We all went to the park an hour before the movie started and played in our Pajamas! Even I built the courage to wear my PJ's in public... but with make up of course... didn't want to frighten anyone! So here are some pictures from our evening.

My little ham Ryan. And the great thing about these pajamas is they glowed in the dark. So I could find him very easily. Which is a perk for mom cause Ryan does not always pay attention or listen to me when he is given rules.

Madison's new thing is she is very independent and does not want my help on anything. She tells me to go away now but if i get to far away she gets mad. She thinks she is a big girl... and now mommy no longer has a baby in the house... :(

and my daughter HAD to give the penguin a hug! It was adorable... most kids are afraid of these things... not her... she didn't want to leave. And then... there were also monkeys at this park....

and here are the kids settling in for the movie Babe which Madi loved the pig. Mom had plenty of snacks on hand to entertain them when they got bored.

Hope you had a good Friday Night... as you can tell we did! It was a great day out with the kids today. It seems like it doesn't happen as often as it should lately. love you kiddos!


Taylor said...

What a wonderful way to spend the night together! I love the movie idea, wish they did it in our city. It really looks like they had so much fun.

We just went to the doctors the other day and she is under weight for her height. She is 3 feet tall and only 27 lbs but it is just her genetics and the doctor wasn't concerned. My husband is 6'4" and only 190lbs, it just runs in his family. She is like any 2 year old and some days eats like crazy and other days not much. When she was a baby I would only give her healthy food and never thought I would be trying to talk her into eating some McNuggets for the calories! Right now she is constantly asking for a treat and I am torn because I do want her to eat good food but she also needs the calories so we usually give in lol!

Life with Kaishon said...

So much fun Stephanie! I flipping LOVE to wear pajamas. If I could I would never get out of them : )

I am sure you are dazzling even without your makeup! LOVE the penguin hug. So sweet!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

The colors are amazing, Steph! Looks like a ton of fun.

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