Thursday, June 17, 2010

What an honor....

It really is such an honor to have your photo chosen as the winner for Boise's I Heart Faces Photowalk. There were so many amazing entries and many photographers that actually knew what they were doing... (Ooops did I say that out loud!) :D

I think the greatest thing about this photowalk though wasn't winning the challenge but just meeting local photographers in the area and sharing tips, locations, photo ideas and just sharing a compassion that everyone equally shares. I didn't choose to be a photographer (I was going to college to be an accountant) but photography chose me. It is a passion that has only gotten stronger over the years. Thank you to everyone who supported me through my journey.... especially my husband who has probably (with a smile on his face of course) sat through hours and hours and hours of looking at photos and giving me advice.

So here is the photo that was chosen. It was actually taken with my 17-55mm Sigma lens (which I no longer own!! What was I thinking!) I am trading it in for the 11-14mm Tokina lens so hopefully I can capture even better panoramas of Boise!

Here is me in action! I didn't even know these photos were taken so it was pretty funny to find them on Michelle's blog who lead our photowalk.

If you look closely at this photo in David's camera you will see I am looking at this photo. Isn't that a cool photo! So creative and I didn't even see this as a photo opp!

And here is our Group on the Blue Turf! Everyone know Boise as Potato Farmers and Football Players with the Blue Turf! And for all those that don't know already.... yes we have street lights here... and yes I have been asked that question!


Dea said...

I am so excited that your photo won!! Great job ;) that really is amazing!

Jules said...

Awesome, out of all the pictures you posted that was actually my favorite too, if I could have chosen a favorite, I liked them all!
Congratulations, you deserve it!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your group looks SO fun : ) Our group was super fun too! I love that your picture won. I gave a little whoop of glee when I saw that : ) Cause you know you are one of my favorites : )

Your camera and lens are so flipping impressive. What the heck! Love becky with a baby camera : ) and a kit lens!

Taylor said...

Congrats on the win, it is a really beautiful shot! It must have been so fun and insightful. I love hearing and seeing other peoples views and perspectives.

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