Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 Family Christmas Pictures


Can you believe the tree will be up on Friday and Christmas cards in the mail in the next couple of weeks! In a couple of days Christmas music will be on every station, every toy aisle will be jam packed full of last minute shoppers (so glad my shopping is done!), the return line at Wal-Mart will be a mile long, Christmas lights will be reflecting off the snow from the roof tops, and you will have to get up early to defrost and wipe the snow off your car... Tis the season already! :D Are you ready? Ready or not... it is time to get into the Holiday Spirit!

So on Sunday to get into our Holiday Spirit we headed for the hills and for the first time and did our family pictures playing in the snow. It was so laid back and fun! And what incredible backgrounds we had and the colors were so beautiful against the perfect white snow! I have so many pictures to share! I just loved them all!

Here is Josh and I! I love this picture! Do you like my new hair color? The price we pay to look beautiful!

Here is my sister Melissa! I love how the snow is falling around her!

This is a series of photos... there are 4! But dont' worry no child was injured during this photo shoot!

She looks like a rag doll almost!

Up! Up! Way up high!

I love Josh's expression! And then there is Madison! That poor kid looks frightened!

Our goofy family photo! Even Madison participated!

And our official 2009 Family Photo!

Here is my niece McKynlee all bundled up playing on the sled

This shot didn't quited turn out the way I had planned! But I just love it anyways!

Madison was eating the snow!

Adda LOVED the snow! I mean LOVED IT! We would throw snow balls at her and she would try to catch them!

Here is the original shot of Nick and Melissa... but somethings missing... can you tell what?

Oh yeah... their child... so we photoshoped her in... Does she look fake to you?

What a cute couple. Melissa and Nick... young love....

AND SOME SUN FLARE!!! But it's fake... I added it through photoshop! :D

Sometimes cute couples make you sick!! :D Just kidding

Isn't she a little doll! She had so much fun in the snow

Daddy was trying to throw a snow ball at her in this picture!


Dea said...

All these pictures turned out great! You guys are just the cutest family ever! And as for my picture not getting bigger, its prob because i dont know how to enable that...do you know?

Dea said...

huh, oddly enough, that did do the trick! Now i just have to figure out how i am going to manage to not move them when i post things lol

Taylor said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these pictures! The blog title shot is my favorite and then the one of you and Josh. Your post and new blog look really makes me excited for Christmas. I am done my shopping and almost finished with the decorations too.

BTW - Your new hair colour is fabulous.

Dea said...

it is crazy! And the thing is, I upload them then write as well but i am such a stickler i must move them around for my text anyway! lol

Taylor said...

Do your boys like Star Wars? I saw this cake and thought you could whip it up in an instant.


Jules said...

These are realy great! I thought I loved family photos in the leaves, but now I love the snow ones! :)
That one of your sister with the snow falling around her is awsome BTW!
Your family is adorable, and I just love these pictures!

Melissa said...

GREAT pictures! You look AMAZING girl! I would never guess that you just had twins growing in you a few weeks ago!

I need to somehow get some Christmas pictures done soon....

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I just ADORE your pictures Steph! I love your new hair color! And I love your family. You are a treasure.

Life with Kaishon said...

Hey Steph, remember that program you got that was one click editing? I am trying to remember the name of it because I think I need to buy it! : ) I just took pictures of a very sweet couple but I am having serious problems with her under eye lines and crows feet. I am STRESSING out! I just want one click to take my problems away : )

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

Great pictures Stephanie!

Life with Kaishon said...

OK, I sent a problem to your email :)
Check your junk email because a lot of times people say it goes to their junk email!

Thank you so much!

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