Friday, November 13, 2009

Who doesn't love photos of babies and kids!!!

This is a bombardment of photos of my family and friends. I have had so many friends come into town this week! My best friend Jody came into town with her daughter and son and then I had a long lost friend from High School call me and I got to meet her son! I will post those pictures later! I also found out a very good friend from High School just moved back here from Washington and she has a 3 month old daughter so I will be meeting up with her when I get a chance!

Anyways it has been so busy! Isn't it always? What about you? Are you busy like me? Just this month alone I have already celebrated 2 birthdays and then I have a party on Sunday and one next week. I also have Thanksgiving to figure out and my dad and his wife will be in town!! I have family Christmas pictures next week and another birthday party to plan for the beginning of December for Kylie and Madison. In December my daughter turns two, my niece turns 3 and my sister turns 10. On top of that my husband and I will be married 7 years on the 22nd of Dcember and then don't forget Christmas and New Years! :D Wow these months are really hectic for me! Too many birthdays and parties!

Today my son will have his hearing tested as I think that Ryan suffers from hearing loss... or just really bad selective hearing! Guess we will figure that one out today! He had ear tubes in his ears by 8 months old for 6 multiple double ear infections as a baby. He continued getting them after the ear surgery but at least they were able to drain. He has been ear infection free for 1 year! So I think he has finally out grown them.

This is my beautiful niece Hallie. She is a twin to her brother Ret. They were an amazing story. Her mother had IVF because she was unable to get pregnant without miscarrying. After a few years of trial and error trying to figure out why she was not able to carry she gave birth to these two beautiful babies who are not almost 3 years old in January. She went 40 weeks with the twins too!

Here is her brother Rhet. He has the most handsome blue eyes!
Here is Josh's father and proud Grandpa of baby Abby!
Abby got her ears pierced today! And I bought this hair bow for her today too! Isn't she adorable! And that is Josh's brother Jack peaking around her head.
Here are the beautiful twin girls! And of course they have to wear matching outfits!
Big yawn! So tired....
LOL! I love this picture! Not even staged she did this completely on her own
Proud family! So beautiful!

Sleeping away!
I think she is so tired from keeping her parents up all night!!!
I love watching babies eat! So precious!

My absolutely stikin adorable little niece McKynlee! She was quite the little poser today!
My mom was so excited to hold twins! It was her first time!
McKynlee loved baby Abby! It was so adorable !
My best friend Jody! Proud mother of baby Abby! Don't they look alike?
Baby Abby was all smiles! She is one of the happiest and most content babies I have ever met! She didn't take after the Roper's :D With exception to Jessey Roper as she was also a very happy child! XOXO

My sister Melissa loving on the baby! And she is also pregnant! She was my sister who tried for 2 1/2 years to get pregnant. The doctors don't know why she had such a hard time... but now she is finally pregnant and we find out December 4th if it is a boy or a girl!
My little sister Courtnee to the right
Babies have already discovered their fingers!
Baby Abby again and her beautiful blue eyes!
Is that enough photos for you? LOL! I hope everyone is doing well! I will be doing some blogging catching up this week! Expect lots of comments from me! I cant' wait to see all your beautiful families!!!


Jody Roper said...

those pics were so put a smile on my face...but you always ya

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me so happy. I cried and cried. I am crying still.

I want to move to be your neighbor. I think you are the coolest girl on the planet. I hope you will still love me even though I am FAT fat FAT!

Drew said...

I can't believe the gorgeous dark hair on those twins. They are absolutely beautiful!

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