Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oprah Ending Her Show!!!?

To be honest... I am not an Oprah fan.. (GASP!! Sorry Oprah Fans!!) I just don't watch her show... I don't have time... but regardless of my opinion she is one of the most influential women on our earth! Her show has been the most popular talk show of all time! I was shocked to hear that tomorrow she will announce the end of her show...

But for some reason I don't think that will be the end of Oprah. Someone like her wouldn't just walk away without something else in store for her fans. I have a feeling she has something else up her sleeve... I guess tomorrow we will find out!

To read the article click here.

Wow this completely shocked me! What do you think about this?


Taylor said...

Like you , I am not an Oprah watcher either. I was surprised but I think I read somewhere that she was starting her own channel on cable or something? Perhaps she will be too busy with that or start a new show on that station.

Life with Kaishon said...

I had no idea. It just seems like she would be around forever. I have always liked her. I love black people so much and I am beyond excited when they are in the media and news : ).

So, why don't I have more children. The short answer is Gary. He just doesn't seem ready yet. And since we are like a million years old, I fear when he is ready we will be too old to produce...

If you would like to send him a letter : ) I will provide his address.

I do love children so much. Like so much it is ridiculous!

Jody said...

im so glad she going....maybe i should just leave it at that...miss you stef!!!

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