Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Pictures!

So Halloween was a very sad day for me... it was the day I discovered that my favorite lens was broken by my little mutt. It was the day that I had to use my back up lens... :( And sadly my back up lens was nothing more then a cheap stock lens! So here are some pictures... not very good ones... but none the less... they are still pictures! :D

The kids were so stinkin adorable! Madison was a kitty, Ryan was Dash on Incredibles, and Jacob was a Fantastic Four character. We went to Fred Meyer for cup cake decorating and a costume contest in the morning. Later watched Boise State kick some butt on the TV and then we went to the church for a Harvest Party. The kids had so much fun! We ended the night with Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs and candy and popcorn! It was a great day for us!

Here is Ryan. He has been working out can you tell?
Who is the better super hero?

Here is Jacob. I have no idea who this character is... but this is what he wanted to be.

Here is my precious little kitty! she was so good about her make up and ears! I am so proud of her. I actually think she liked it when I put her make up on! She sat still and was so cooperative!

Here is Madison and Kylie at the church. Isn't Kylie adorable! They both are eating suckers... of course... they wouldn't quit getting into the candy!

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Taylor said...

Love the costumes. Madison is adorable in her kitty costume. I'm so glad she was such a good girl for her face make-up.

Sorry about the lens, that sucks.

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