Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award

Even after my pathetic attempts to write blogs these days... I am still loved in the blogging community!! Thank you Taylor and her Mommy!

This was given to me by one of my FAVORITE bloggers at The Adventures of Teeny Tiny Taylor. If you want to see one of the cutest little girls ever go visit this site.

You have to write six things about yourself that you haven't told people. So here goes.

1.) I am a clean freak.... if my house is a mess I am stressed out. If one item is out of place I get annoyed. Everything has a place in my house. With three kids it is impossible to keep things organized. Every morning I spend at least 2-3 hours cleaning my house. I have a schedule and bathrooms get cleaned 2 times a week, floors vacuumed daily, mopping at least once a week, and I even steam clean my carpets, couches and wash sheets and comforters once a week. It seems to get worse as I get older too. My rule is I don't leave the house unless my dishes are done... and I always keep my dining room table neatly decorated and my bed made daily... It drives my husband crazy because he doesn't' understand why I even bother.

2.) I love to do yard work and mowing the yard. And even though at the very moment you cannot tell because my yard is a wreck this spring I will be out weekly pulling weeds and mowing my yard. I love to plant bulbs such as Tulips and Lillies.

3.) I only buy kids movies. I know a lame fact but I have gotten to the point where I LOVE pixar films and only think those movies are worth buying. My kids and I have a movie night almost every Friday night and we LOVE to watch Disney movies! I have also recently became a action fanatic and LOVE moves like Transformers, Wolverine, and GI Joe! Especially in Blu Ray!

4.) I am artistic. I have a natural talent at art. As a child I hated this talent. I wanted to be talented at singing, dancing or cheerleading... but I have no coordination and a TERRIBLE voice so I was the nerdy student in all the art classes. I have become very appreciative in this talent as I got older. It has helped me with my photography, my crafts with my children... and just little things like baking cakes. It just comes easy to me. I don't know why... it just does.

5.) I am not an animal lover. Weird huh? Since I own a dog... on my own account too! But seriously... I don't like pets. They stink. They are dirty and always in the way. This is a fact that I am not proud of but I will share anyways... since Josh and I have been married we have managed to rid of 6 dogs and 2 cats.... so when we brought Adda home my family lectured me about actually keeping this one for once!!! So far she has managed to survive our household for 6 months... and as much as she drives me crazy... she is a part of my family now and my kids love her... so she will stay... unless she eats my camera again... then I will just beat her with my camera... LOL! (And I am only kidding about beating her with my camera!)

6.) I love my alone time. If I EVER have a break from my kids and my husband... my idea of fun is cleaning my house (HA HA back to #1 on my list of 6 things) and then staying at home in a nice quiet, and clean house! I really love spending time alone. I love my friends... but there is something about only having to worry about yourself that is so appealing...

7.) And just for fun... one more fact about me... I LOVE NINTENDO AND COMPUTER GAMES! The other night... I played Lego Indiana Jones till 3 in the morning with my boys... I love computer games, board games, card games... But especially Nintendo games... It was something my dad and my grandma and I did together growing up (Yes my grandma played Nintendo too! She was a pro... and we played Zelda for hours on end!!!) Those were the days. My dad and I would play Mario Kart every weekend till like 2-3 in the morning... My dad is coming in town for Thanksgiving and we have Command and Conquer Generals tournaments against each other on our laptops...

So there you go... 6 facts about me!!! Now lets hear about you...

Now to pass this award on to 6 other bloggers... and a reason why I chose them
1.) Melissa @ http://clem4fam4.blogspot.com/ - thanks so much for all your lovely comments and all the updates on your family!!!

2.) Kimber @ http://kimberjepperson.blogspot.com/ Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us!

3.) Jules @ http://touchoflovephotog.blogspot.com/ Can't get enough of those little girls... and congrats on #3

4.) Life with Kaishon @ http://kaishon.blogspot.com/ Thanks for all the laughs!

5.) Amy @ http://welcome2myfrontporch.blogspot.com/ Thanks for all the creativeness and recipes

6.) Beth @ http://justinbeth.wordpress.com/ - Thanks for just being so wonderful and being there for me! Your are a wonderful friend!!!

Now you have to pass this award on to 6 others and also share with us 6 fun facts about yourself!


Melissa said...

Congratulations on this awesome award! You SO deserve it! Oh my, I WISH I had your energy! I am so much NOT a neat freak because of lack of time...I wish I could get it all together...I keep saying when the kids grow up! Thank you so much for passing this on to me, your so sweet!

Taylor said...

Great list! I wish I had your obsession with #1 but I don't LOL. I do hate clutter though. When I manage to get everything in it's place it barely looks like we own anything except for toys and furniture.

I hear you on Zelda! I skipped scholl for almost 2 weeks trying to finish that one. We thought we finished it but then the underworld popped up. Then along came Final Fantasy...

Jules said...

aw, thank you! You are so sweet!I loved reading about you too. You totally deserve this award! I love checking your blog to see if you have updated!
You are amazing to clean your house for 2-3 hours every morning! I get a routine going for 2-3 weeks and then it crashes. Hard sometimes, then a week later I am trying to get a routine going again.lol

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so stinking interesting. Please come over and clean my house at once. I would like to bring you some joy : ) Just call me a giver : ).


PS You are creative and artistic. I love that about you. You are the coolest Steph!

Life with Kaishon said...

Thank you for the award Steph! I was honored when I saw it yesterday. And I am honored again today :) and I will be honored about it tomorrow too1 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! now come over and clean my house at once.

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