Friday, November 20, 2009

Adoption Story! - A special post for my friend Beth!

Beth I know how excited, nervous, and anxious you are for Kayleen Elizabeth to arrive... I cannot believe you and Justin will finally be parents! You have been a friend now of mine for over 8 years and I am so excited to share this moment with you in your life!! You and Justin have waited so patiently to adopt a baby and now your dream has come true! I am truly happy for you... I also wanted to share this story with you. I know life has been an emotional roller coaster for you lately but there are so many happy endings... :D

I just found out I had some friends from High School just adopted a beautiful little girl! She is absolutely precious! I saw so many pictures of her and I got to read their adoption story! It is just so incredible watching peoples lives change and their dreams come true! They waited for almost a year on the adoption list. They were picked by a mother who also was going to deliver in a few weeks. So they also only had a few weeks to prepare for baby to arrive. I found this story similar to yours!

I love you and I think of you often! Can't wait for you and Justin to come over tomorrow night for dinner!!


Julie Rivera Photography said...

You have such an amazing group of friends...every time I come to your blog, I "meet" someone else I just know I would love to know. Obviously, your beautiful spirit attracts other beautiful people. (And I like the blog design change!)

Taylor said...

Congrats to both of your friends! Children are such a gift and no one should have to be without. It's so sad that there are so many couples that deal with infertility.

Taylor said...

Thanks. Honestly I did nothing to get them without blur. I am just really lucky to have a good lens and a slow moving parade lol! I turned the dial to aperature and left it wide open. I have a 50 mm 1.4 so the aperature was at 1.4 the whole time and on that setting the camera adjusts the ISO by itself. I almost always shoot in the A mode. I didn't even use the flash. I forgot my good one at home and the one on board closed when I leaned on it while watching Taylor and I took a couple without it on and noticed it didn't make a differnce at all so I kept it down. Other than that there were orange street lights on either side of us but not directly over. Sorry I don't have any good tips lol.

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful post!

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