Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshy!!! On your way to 30!!

I remember when I first met my husband his brother turned 30 that year... and I remember thinking that his brother was getting old! And now almost 9 years later Josh and I are just around the corner... but it's not that bad! In fact this part of my life has been so much better then almost 20!! College, and dating, and check to check living I don't miss...

But 9 years later we have 3 beautiful children, an over hyper puppy who eats EVERYTHING including my coffee table the other day, and blessed with work and a warm place to live (even if it is old and small!) and I am married to one of the greatest guys ever! We have made it through our 7 year hump... Anyone who has been married that long knows about that right!!? You have to share your story with me... and how you survived that year!! :D

But Josh and I have come so far. I am so proud of him and so thankful for all the things God has changed in our lives. About 3 years ago my husband and I separated and almost divorced (SHOCK! I know nobody knows this on blogger) BUT yes we did and it was the worst moment of my life. A single mother with two boys and a baby on the way. It was hard.

We went to the Weekend to Remember conference and received counseling at Calvary Chapel Church in Boise and now 3 years later we are doing better then we ever have before. Of course he is gone 4 days out of the week traveling so maybe I don't see him enough to get sick of him! :D And when he does come home... I do sometimes look forward to the day he goes out of town again... because he is soooo messy!

But I see how much God has changed the both of us and how much he has opened up the communication in our home and I am sooooo grateful that today we are still together and that we get to celebrate his birthday today as a family! Yesterday the boys and made his favorite dessert that he looks forward to every Christmas year from his Aunt Patty. I stole her recipe (Thanks Becca!) and made it this year myself so we don't have to bug the Owings family this year! All it is is Ritz crackers with peanut butter in the middle dipped in white chocolate. He LOVES THEM! And when he gets them every year from the Owings... he takes about half the bag and hides them from the rest of his family because he doesn't want to share! :D

When he gets home today from traveling the boys and I will surprise him with those... and I am thinking about making Carne Asada tacos.... On the Border Style with blue cheese crumbles!! I worked there for so long serving... I am sure I can make them taste the same... (YEAH RIGHT!) Anyways love you Josh and hope you have a wonderful birthday... even though you are working late tonight... :( XOXOXO


Jules said...

Cool, my husbands birthday was yesterday! He is the big 31 now,(so old, lol) but I still have 1 year before I am even 30 also, so I am enjoying my last year and 3 months of the 20's. My mom was 29 for several years, so I might try that route. lol We will have been married 7 years in January.:)
Thats so great that you made it through that rough time of being seperated, and you are now even stronger than before. Its good to know that people make it through those times, and make something better out of it. I can't imagine being a single mom of 3 little ones, but my sister did that too, and I look at her and her husbands marriage now, and they are so close now too. They truly appreciate eachother and its neat to see.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Josh! I remember when you guys were going through all of that. Praise God for the work He did mending your hearts back together again! Amen? I loved turning 30. In your 20's you are still trying to find who you are and what you love to do. When I turned 30, I had been married for 8 years and had my 4 beautiful boys that I wanted. I have a college degree and feel that life is good right now. God has been so faithful.

Oh and that dessert, we make every Christmas to give to Church leaders. It was a fave by many at Calvary. They are delish!

Life with Kaishon said...

He is a cutie! Happy Birthday. You'll are babies. Holy Cow I am SO old! I can't take it!

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. I'm so glad to hear that you are stronger together than ever. I am hoping that the seven year thing will not happen to my husband and I. It will be the start of 7 years in January and I will have a little one and be pregnant too, yikes!! LOL. However, My husband and I have lived together for 12 years (sin, I know, lol) so I am hoping that we have already passed the 7 year thing?

Taylor said...

LOL, what you can't see is that she is sitting right beside our maple cabinets and I think that is just reflecting off of the bottle. She is drinking 3.25% milk so it's nothing to wierd.

I try to tell her about the baby and I showed her a picture of a baby in the belly but she isn't too interested. Maybe in a few more months when I am quite a bit bigger?

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