Monday, November 23, 2009

Life Couldn't Get Any Sweeter!!

I am so privileged to know these absolutely adorable, perfect and sweet little girls!!! I thought for sure taking pictures of infant twins would be a difficult challenge... but the only hard part was the pooping and peeing on everything! Other then that... they were so good and so much fun to take pictures of! Thank you so much to the parents for allowing me to be a part of this special day with you!

Your babies couldn't get any sweeter! I can't wait to watch them grow up! :D

Eya is so expressive! She loves to stick out her tongue and make faces at the camera. She has so many diffderent facial expressions!

This was supposed to be a heart ... only it didn't happen! The babies were wide awake and moving around and kept pulling the blanket over their heads! We will try again on the next photo session!! The picture below was what I tried to achieve... Great picture idea for photographers with twins! So cute and creative!


Jules said...

oh these are sooooo sweet! How fun to get to take pictures of them too! I am dying to have the opportunity to take new born pictures. : ) I guess I will have the opportunity in June though! :)
I love the heart one, even though it turned out different from what you wanted, I still love the heart shape you got. So cute!!

Anonymous said...

WOW you did an amazing job! I am so impressed Steph. Thank you again for having us over the other night. I was so amazing to meet them! They are truly the perfect little family. We had a great time. Wish we could of stayed a little or a lot longer! Food was great except my burnt bread! ha ha
Can't wait for you to take pictures of Kayleen. We are going to have a ton of fun. Love the Roper Photography label you have!


Melissa said...

Great pictures!!! I LOVE the hat! Totally adorable! And those babies are just the sweetest little things! Love their little feet as well. Great job on the pics, there Steph!

Taylor said...

Simply adorable shots! I am so excited to get to take some newborn pics next year. I have been searching the internet for some ideas. The girls couldn't be any cuter. Loving the label!

Dea said...

Those turned out great! They are adorable! How did you get your watermark like that? Its so awesome!

Lindsey Rowland said...

LOVE the twin picts. Also like the makeover on the blog.

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