Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures from Madison's 1st Birthday

So I found a memory card that was from December of pictures that I forgot I had. I can't believe I lost these. These are from Madison's 1st Birthday Party. I made my own cake for her to save money. It was a princess themed party and so I made a 3 layer cake with a princess crown on top. I used a marshmellow fondant for icing. It was beautiful!

Madison got so spoiled on her birthday. I found this beautiful Battat Doll House at Other Mother's that costs $200 brand new and then you have to purchase the furniture and dolls separately. It is extremely sturdy and will be around for my grandkids one day. Other Mother's wanted $200.00 for it and I begged my husband to call them and talk them down in price. I was too afraid to ask myself.... Anyways they agreed to a price of $150.00. It is a great bargain. I got the matching garage and a house full of furniture that is about $30.00 per room brand new. Of course the gift she loved the most was a stuffed cow.... how ironic! Within two days he already had to go through the wash because she played with him so much and he got so much food on him!

Ryan wanted to dress up for her party. I have to show you how goofy he looks. Here he is in his spiderman costume wearing a pink party hat! I can't wait to show is girlfriend's one day!

Madison is definately grandma's girl! She refuses to come to me when grandma's around and if grandma leaves... she cries! It is so cute! I keep telling my mom to take her home for a weekend or two... Laugh out loud!

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