Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slowly coming along....

Sometimes you start something and you wonder why you did in the first place. Even if it saves you money to do it yourself it takes so much longer then you could EVER have imagined. I blame Pottery Barn for this. They are the company that has all the great fantastic ideas that I can't afford. So if they would make them affordable to me then maybe I wouldn't have to spend hours... days.... months on one room.
So I completed her dresser (almost). I ran out of mod podge and still need to do a couple of coats, but at least it is useable and I have a place finally to put Madison's clothes.

I am in the process right now of refinishing a children's table to put into her room. I took my boy's play table that they have outgrown and gave the top a quilted pattern look out of scrapbook paper. On the sides I wrapped it in sage green ribbon and then on the sides took scrapbooking sticker's with friendship and love sayings and stuck them on the sides. I then covered everything in mod podge. I still need to finish the chairs and the legs on the table but so far it is adorable. It's funny to think at one time it was covered in airplanes in and cars. This table cost me about $10.00 to redo.

The house we are living in didn't have any closet rods or shelves in it when we moved in. So we turned it from this..... to this! Thanks to my fantastic handyman husband he built me some beautiful shelves and then we painted them. I found some adorable baskets to put in the corner ($3.99 each at Ross). For some reason it also didn't have closet doors in either so we wanted the closet to be "pretty" when you walked in. I love it and have room for all Madi's clothes... and yes those are all her clothes. She is spoiled... all my kids are. Unfortunately the only problem now is the rod on the bottom is too low and her clothes touch her shoe holder. Oh well it can't be perfect!

Here is a close up of her Dollhouse to put her shoes on. I found this at Goodwill for $9.99. It was absolutely hideous when I brought it home. I remembered asking my husband to get it out of the car because it is extremely heavy (Solid wood and large) and he saw it and asked me why I bought this. I tried to explain to him my idea and he said, "Well I hope it works for you!" I was sooooo lucky that the house fit into the space between the wall and the shelves.... pure luck. God must be watching out for me.

Anyways when I saw this I knew she already had a wooden dollhouse and I didn't need another so I had to be creative. It was too good a deal to pass up. A little TLC and I turned a white dollhouse with a dark brown roof, old wallpaper and 70's orange carpet into something beautiful. I think I spent an additional $10.00 in spraypaint to finish it up. And look how cute her shoes fit inside. Now to train her not to pull the shoes down EVERYTIME she goes into her room.

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Amy said...

Good job! It all looks great and way to be thrifty! That is what I like to do. I do find myself needing more time. I just moved my baby down to the bunk beds and am turning the nursery into my craft room/girly room. I have an old desk someone gave me that I will paint whit for my sewing maching and scrapbooking. The boys only let me in there for a few hours in a day. :)

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