Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008 at Jack and Laury's House

Every year we go to Jack and Laury's house to celebrate Christmas with the Roper's. It is so fun to get all the cousin's together and watching them play! Here is a recap of our night. I forgot I had these pictures and so now I am playing catch up on blogging....

Here is Jacob and Gavin... They are were hanging out on the couch watching Wall-E.

Here is one of Unckie Matt and Madi.... he is the bestest uncle! She just loves him.

Here is all the kids. It is so much fun because they all have someone around their age to play with. Sydnee has Paige, Gavin has Jacob, Ryan has Bristol, and Madi has Noble.... it is so perfect how this happened!

Jack hosted a seafood fest for the family... My kids actually ate shrimp and crab and LOVED it! I would never have guessed they would have ate it. Jack also made these incredible deviled eggs with bacon and jalapeno's inside. They were sooooooo good. I was disappointed because I didn't get my annual serving of Laury's spinach dip she makes every year (due to certain reasons.... JACK!!!) lol.

Here is Aunt Jessey with Josh. Brothers and sisters... I can't wait because one day this will be Jacob or Ryan with Madison!

Here is Noble... the newest addition to the family. He is the cutest baby! He is so sweet and so mellow. He has the chubbiest cheeks that make me one to just kiss them!

To see more pictures click here.
There are tons of pictures of the kids.

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