Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday was comfort day!

This Sunday we went to Calvary Chapel. I love this church. The sermons are incredible and the people are so great to meet. I have never seen so many pregnant women though! I went there and everyone was pregnant... I am shocked because usually when I see babies I'm always like "I want one!" But lately I see these beautiful brand new babies and I think... "Wow, a lot of work.." I know that sounds selfish... but that is a great step up for me. I love kids but I think Josh and I are so excited to start the new chapters in our lives!
We got home from church and the boys wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was Ryan's turn to help me cook. Look at him trying to flip the sandwich... it didn't land on the griddle!

Later on we decided to play some family games. Jacob's friend Jayden came over to play. We played monopoly jr. (Jacob picked this game), high ho cherry o (Ryan chose this one) and Madison picked out a book! The boys live for this day! They "LOVE" to play games! Probably because they always beat me and they think it is funny!

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