Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Day! Lots of kids...

Wow today has been an adventure.

First thing this morning Madison (Cute as always) got her baby doll and her bottle and practiced being a mom. Nothing like having an God given ability to feed yourself and another child at the same time! She is going to be a natural at raising her own kids one day....

This morning Kylie came by to play for a couple hours. (Actually to fight with Madison. LOL) Those two are so funny to watch. They act like they are sisters. Kylie pushed Madison and Madison cried for an hour about it. It was the most dramatic thing I had ever seen. Madison acted as if Kylie stole her favorite doll, ate all her candy and then took all her shoes... My daughter... the drama queen.

Breakfast was so adorable. We lowered Madison's high chair almost to the ground and her Kylie and Ryan all shared cereal.

Around noon our friend Olivia came over to play. She comes over every Friday and her and Madison get to play. Actually to be honest... Ryan enjoys her company more then Madison does. I think Ryan wishes she were his girlfriend! I guess at least he has good choice in women because she is a beautiful and sweet little girl... but he just has to wait 18 more years! We had a good time playing with toys and hanging out in the playroom. It is nice to take a break from projects and house cleaning!

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Are you getting emails? I sent you an email re: wordless wednesday. What happened to your Facebook?

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