Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pancakes, Crafts and Makeup! A day at the Roper House!

Yesterday morning the boys came into my room and brought me the pancake mix. Jacob goes "Mommy can we make pancakes... please!" As much as I would have rather gave them a bowl of cereal... I couldn't tell him no! So we gathered at the kitchen island and all made pancakes! It was a mess. I let Jacob pour and flip the pancakes by himself... most of them didn't make is back on the griddle but the kids didn't care and still enjoyed them!

Later on that day we did some crafts. I took alphabet letters and glued each letter of the alphabet onto a piece of paper. I gave Jacob some magazines and glue and told him to find pictures that start with the letter of the paper and glue them on. Jacob found the pictures and cut them out and Ryan glued them. I had more glue on my kitchen table then on the paper!

Here's Ryan and his silly face... never fails... get him in front of a camera and he has to make a goofy face! Here is an example of their beautiful artwork. If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece I am willing to sell for the right price! (LOL)

Kylie came over to play today also and the girls got into my make-up. It was too cute. They were pretending to put make-up on each other! For those of you who say girls and boys aren't the same when raising them.... WHATEVER! I went to the grocery store and I always let each kid pick out one special treat for the month as a snack when they are good and Madison picked out a box of Disney Princess Cookies in a pink box! She's one years old..... SHE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEN BOYS! She is all girl! Shoes, makeup, dolls..... yeah so not a boy.

I love this black and white photo of Kylie! She is so cute here!

Then Madison snuck into the pantry and brought me a big bowl of popcorn that we saved for feeding the ducks. She kept pointing at it and bringing it to me because she really wanted to eat some. So I decided to sit her and Kylie on the ground and let them be big girls and eat it. Then Madi took the bowl of popcorn and poured it on her head ... Yeah not my brightest idea. One year olds aren't "CLEAN!" It was funny!


Jeff and April said...

You are such a fun and cute mom! I miss you! It is so fun to see what you've been up to- I just went through all your posts. I can't believe Madison's room!!! I LOVE it! Maybe you should come and help me make my kids rooms cute too. Or maybe thats a hopeless cause.

Tag and Regina said...

Very cute pictures. How do you seperate the picture and write under them i have been trying to figure that out.

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