Monday, February 2, 2009

A start on Madi's bedroom makeover

Here is a preview of Madison's bedroom so far. I can't wait to finish it up. My inspiration was from the Pottery Barn website from the "Abby" bedding collection. I live in a rental house so I wasn't allowed to paint the walls so I had to be creative in order to make the room come together. This is a canvas collection from Pottery Barn that I replicated for $35.00 and hours of labor. The collection from Pottery Barn would have cost me $364.00 for the completed set.

The one on the left is from Pottery Barn and the one on the right I painted thanks go Big Lots (Each Canvas was $4.00)

Then I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and ironically when I went in they were closing a couple of their stores and opening one HUGE store on Milwaukee and so they had amazing sales. I got 10 yards of high quality fabric and a lamp for about $50.00. A little bit of love time and creativity I had a brand new beautiful lamp. I found the base of the lamp at Goodwill for $5.00 and it was brand new with tags still on it.

Right now I am refinishing an old ugly dresser that was given to me by my sister. The original dresser was hunter green with a fake wood laminate dresser knobs. I found an idea online where you use mod podge to dress up dresser drawers with fabric (which was purchased at Joanne's) so anyways here is the start of a brand new dresser for Madison.

I would "LOVE" to hear what you think. :D


Amy said...

I love it! I do the same thing. Find things I like and then recreate them for much less. Way to go Stephanie! I love it. So is that your secret? Making her room a big girl room? I am thinking you need to tell us soon! I wanted to talk to you at church. I had to hurry and run home to get the roast out of the oven because we were having some people over. Sundays are so hectic for us anyway.

Laury said...

Steph it looks great. You did a good job. I think you should do Sydney's room next:)

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