Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The better half of my Friday- Kindergarten Tea Party

The kindergarten class had a tea party to honor the mothers and grandmothers. The kids wrote a special poem for us and sang us a song. They also made these beautiful aprons that used their hands as the flower petals and their feet as the leafs. They were so creative, colorful and beautiful!

Here is my handsome little man!Here they are each taking turns reading about something special about their mom. My son said he likes it when I read to him... Here they are singing their songs and doin a little dance
Too cute!
Another pic of my handsome little boy!


Jeff and April said...

Hey you! How do you manage to be so busy and stay up on your blog! I love to read your posts and see your pictures- they brighten my day. Did I read your profile right?? You are pregnant w/ twins?? And you don't get the end reward???? Stephanie, you are really something else. What an unselfish friend you are.

Jeff and April said...

PS- Do you mind if I give Julie your blog address? I'm sure she would love to see how you are too-

Dea said...

Thank you for the comment! What adorable kids you have, mind if i add you?

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